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01. Automatic Hair Loss Analysis by Artificial Intelligence

        Image Processing, Pattern Analysis Technology

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Photos are taken using Portrait Mode and on screen guidlines for consistent position and angle

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Photos are uploaded to desktop software for AI image processing

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Software AI algorithm 

uses pattern analysis technology automatically

identifies matching SAVIN scale  

Our HDD scale "Hair Density & Diameter Scale" can detect the smallest level of  improvement in hair density and hair diameter.

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HDD Scale

Typically, hair loss treatment results are not easily detected in Savin or Norwood scale within 6 to 12 months. Therefore, patients are often discouraged and drop out of the treatment plan. HDD scale can detect the finest scale of improvement in hair diameter and density within 3 months. Therefore, we can drastically improve treatment plan compliance and patient retention.

02. Proprietary HDD Scale Can Measure Treatment                            Results in as Little as 3 Months


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03. Measure Hair Thickness & Density at Ease  

With our proprietary technology, you can measure hair density and thickness easily by simply dragging and clicking your mouse. Our software will do the calculation and the rest. 

04. Treatment Results Overview & Progress Slide Show  

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An overview diagram provides a snapshot of the status of hair condition. Readings in the center of the diamond indicate optimal hair condition

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Treatment progress is demonstrated through animated slide show of patient's treatment journey.

05. Patient Education & Marketing Tools  

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Patient's image, data and treatment progress records can be printed or emailed to patients for education, engagement

Patient hair data can also be integrated with our email marketing automation system for treatment recommendations and product sales.