01. Portrait Mode

For Automatic Savin Scale 

Reading with Artificial Intelligence

The Capily Smart Hair Camera has patented on-screen adjustable guides that will ensure consistent head position and angle every time you shoot. This provides accurate image comparison between patient visits in various stages of their hair loss treatments. The Capily Camera System is equipped with 2 lenses. A four times magnification lens for HDD scale diagnosis and a sixty times magnification lens for hair thickness and density measurements.

02. Diagnostic Mode

4x Optical Magnification

For Automatic HDD Scale

Reading with Artificial Intelligence 

The detachable lens is easily placed and secured by a simple twist and lock motion. The end of the lens is directly placed on the scalp for shooting by simply tapping on the touch screen of the camera.

03. Close Up Mode  

60 x optical magnification

For Hair Density and Thickness Readings

The close up lens is a full optical lens with 60 times magnification which is ideal for hair shaft thickness measurements. This level of magnification provides the ideal size of viewing field for area follicle counting that can be accurately translated into hair density data for a particular region of the scalp.

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