01. Internal Email Marketing

We set up and manage email campaigns to educate, engage and convert your patients for hair restoration services and products you offer.

  • Email campaign set up

  • Hair restoration landing page set up

  • Email campaign execution & management 

  • Email Campaign analytics and reports

03. Salon Partnership Marketing

Capily Institute has formed a partnership with the national premium male hair salon chain "18/8" with over 70 retail locations across the country. These retail salon locations will be served as Capily patient education, 

consult locations and Capily Product distribution centers.

05. Procedure & Technician          Booking Service

We understand that the logistics of planning a hair transplant procedure can be burdensome for your busy practice, especially with finding qualified technicians to assist you in the procedure. We have access to a network of qualified hair technicians nationwide. We will locate  qualified technicians and make arrangements for your upcoming procedure(s).

02. External Online Marketing

As part of Capily Network Practice Ecosystem, you will be included in all online marketing campaign initiatives Capily runs. As we grow our provider network, we will establish multiple online marketing channels to reach out to people seeking hair loss treatments nationwide.

04. Call Center & Virtual                 Consult Service

Our call center staff can manage your patient leads and provide virtual consultations. We engage with your patients and book them for in-person consultations at your office or at one of our Salon Retail consult location. Our ultimate goal is to make your patient conversion process seamless and successful.

06. Staff Training Program

To build a successful hair restoration practice, your staff's knowledge about hair restoration and their engagement with hair service promotion are crucial. We provide an on-going online training platform and in-person staff training sessions to ensure hair restoration promotion always stays a priority in your practice.

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