Capily Hair Analysis System

Capily Hair Analysis System


Capily Hair Analysis for your hair loss practice

How has Capily Hair Analysis improved my hair loss practice?


01. Takes Both Portrait Images And Close Up Hair Images

Hair Analysis Images

On screen guides and previous image overlay ensure consistent image distance and angle for accurate before and after comparison.

Automatic HDD Scale Reading
Hair Thickness Readings

Close up hair images are taken from 4 anatomically determined scalp positions to provide a complete profile of patient's thinning hair condition.

02. Automatic Hair Analysis Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Detect and Demonstrate Thinning Hair Improvement Within 3 Months

AI Hair Analysis

Portrait images are automatically processed and analyzed by software, and Savin scale readings are presented.

HDD scale readings

Close up images are automatically processed and analyzed by software, and HDD (hair density & diameter) scale readings is presented.

03. Dynamic Tools To Show Hair Analysis Results And Track Treatment Progress

Hair Data Diagram Demonstrations

All comprehensive hair data for review in one place with diagrams for easy demonstration.

Hair Images Software

Review and compare all hair images and hair density & hair thickness data with graph chart.