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01. A Complete Solution for Hair Loss           

Capily Institute is the leader in hair restoration technology. We offer a complete hair loss treatment system ranging from hair analysis technology, scalp therapy, home care products, non-invasive hair therapy systems to FUE hair transplant system. Our technologies have been used by over 4000 hair loss clinics globally and have helped over 300,000 patients. Our home care hair products have been used by over 1 million people globally. 

    02. A Turnkey Business System         

We provide a turnkey solution for hair restoration practices to build a successful business. Our services range from training, marketing, sales to all operational support. Our goal is to alleviate  your administrative and logistical burden of running a busy practice so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients.


We provide on-going technical and sales training for the doctor and staff. Trainings are conducted through in-person training and through our online training platform via video/webinar. 


Our expert management team will assist you in handling administrative tasks and routine customer service needs. Our call center staff and patient coordinators will handle virtual consultation and appointment booking.


We will set up your marketing system and run email campaigns and online advertising campaigns. As a Capily Provider, you will also receive referrals from Capily Marketing Campaigns.

    03. Nationwide Provider Network         

As we continue to implement Capily Hair Restoration Business Systems at physicians' practices, we are building a network of Capily providers nationwide. Currently, we have Capily network providers in So Cal, Miami, Boston and Fort Collins markets. We are actively expanding our provider network in all major metropolitan markets in the US. 

Physician Providers

We set up Capily hair restoration system at our physician partners' practices. we provide full management service to assist our physician providers to build a successful hair restoration practice.

Capily Retail Centers

We build hair restoration focused centers at prominent retail locations and make Capily hair restoration services easily accessible. Consumers will be able to get routine hair restoration services in their neighborhoods. 

Salon Affiliates

We partner up with local salons and implement Capily Affiliate program at salons.  Capily Affiliate salons will be able to offer Capily products, hair loss consultation and Capily routine hair care services.

    04. Capily Care Plan 

In its mission to make hair restoration affordable for everyone, Capily Institute has launched the first and only hair benefit plan for people who seek a complete solution for hair loss and the ultimate long term hair care. The plan subscription will provide daily essential hair care products and significant discount ranging from non-surgical to FUE hair transplant procedures from Capily Network Providers. 

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